Spartan Theatre Company

40 Minutes to Howard September 1 ‐ 11, 2016

Timeout Chicago's Best Bet!

A typical weekday commute takes an intriguing turn when a once-aspiring writer and a child of divorce discover common ground. Covering topics such as family dynamics, social responsibility, and the pursuit of one's dreams, this original one-act is challenging, thoughtful, and ultimately heartwarming.

written by Creg Sclavi directed by Daniel Sappington
Teddy Boone as William L'Ron Suggs-Stewart as Boy Amanda de la Guardia as Jordan Transit announcements recorded by Caleb Noel
Thursday, September 1 ‧ 10PM Sunday, September 4 ‧ 8:30PM Thursday, September 8 ‧ 7PM Friday, September 9 ‧ 7PM Sunday, September 11 ‧ 7PM
Chicago Fringe Festival

September 2016 at the Chicago Fringe Festival in Jefferson Park

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